“Adaku’s heart oil was a healing balm to my spirit through an incredibly emotional and challenging month.  Knowing all the prayer and intention that went in to crafting every herb, oil and flower in the mixture, helped to nourish the prayers my love and I were able to offer each other as we applied the oil to each others’ hearts.  It has become a sacred ritual of refuge and connection that has allowed us to remember the love that surrounds us and the love we are capable of.”~ Kavitha Rao


“ It was amazing. i got my scrub on. i got to bask in the oils and ingredients. i did it, and i liked it. i will do it again. i felt like i was in the middle of nature, but with my own personal bath. it was one of the most refreshing baths i’ve taken in a long time. i got out of the tub feeling sexy and stimulated. stimulated in the sense that my body was getting the care it deserved. i’m pretty sure that is what a body scrub is supposed to do. i think i walked around the house naked for a good minute. feeling PHINE!!! all oiled up” ~ Terressa Tate

Angela Davis BeatBox Botanicals


“BeatBox Botanical Honey Wine. This wine is deep and penetrating on the tongue. Sweet and earthy. I had it at room temperature but I think it would be swell on the rocks or even warmed a bit in the winter. Dare I say adding a bit of dark rum might take you somewhere dangerously perfect” ~Toshi Reagon


“Its a relief to find healing without the alarming side effects of pharmaceuticals. There’s no mystery about what’s actually in Beatbox botanicals. I know that every active ingredient has been hand selected with integrity for community and the ecosystem and tastes fucking delicious! Long overdue that we start using products charged with the fullness of the makers’s heart” ~Shayna Smalls


“ I am a regular user of Beatbox Botanicals’ body scrub. The aromas mixed with the feel of the handpicked ingredient combinations make the cleansing experience transcendental. I often find myself praying while scrubbing with no conscious intention of doing so. Beatbox Botanicals truly make products that connect with you beyond just their bodily purpose.”~ Davi


“When i first put the salt and sugar scrub on my dry, moisture thirsty, winter beaten skin I literally said: oh my goddess! aloud in the show. for an ordinary boi like me, I felt all kinds of pampered luxuriating in a scrub of rose petals and lavender and other body bliss botanicals. when I got out of the shower my skin was new-baby soft and shiny as a new penny. good goddess that scrub is something special” ~T’ai Freedom Ford


“Decadant, Delicious. Delightful. Divine. BeatBox Salt and Sugar scrub all but turned us out. This incredible medicine is especially soothinig for mind, body, heart, spirit….and libido. A fount of healing, this yummy scrub will leave you epically blissed out. Welcome to your daily Nirvana”~ Juliette Jones and Shayna Smalls


Beatbox Botanical products are made with the most sincere and heart felt intentions. Adaku fills the recipe first with prayers and blessings honoring the recipients well being and complete wellness. Allowing the power of her intuition and the direction of her spirit guides to lead her hands and her heart to co-creating the exact formula necessary for one’s transformation and healing.I have been honored to be gifted the magic of her heart honey wine, herbal salt and sugar scrub, her healing rose heart oil and a nurturing protection spray. I use the protection spray and heart oil religiously, literally as a part of my spiritual and healing practice. The spray holds the intention of staying grounded, seeing and hearing clearly and showing up to community with loving kindness and compassionate boundaries. It’s been a true blessing and a wonderful addition to my practice and daily self care regiment. Post a relationship transition I needed heart healing that kept me open to possibility, compassionate and kind. I wanted warmth and a constant reminder that I was love, we are love and that one can choose to love without an impetus. Rubbing the heart oil over my heart whenever I need that reminder and want to add that intention to my prayer has proven as a great medicine. I recommend the heart serum for more than just heart healing, but also to celebrate the many gifts of the heart and all the JOY nurturing that medicine can bring. Honor the blessing of your beating heart and the gift of loved ones by purchasing any of BeatBox Botanicals many offerings”~ Beatrice Anderson