Love is the most significant driving force in my life. I continue to be inspired by the moments when we say yes to loving ourselves and each other authentically. I believe it is from this place healing is born and its is from this place we feed and sustain our metamorphis towards liberation. As a healer, I am in awe and deeply invested in learning from and with the atlas of our cells, skin, bones and blood and from the ecosystem our bodies commune with. I consider our bodies and the Earth inspiring, powerful and necessary, exquisite testimonies of the roots of wellness. 

Because I was chronically ill as a child, II started learning from an early age what my body needed to survive and intuitively I shared what I discovered with those around me. I continue this practice today. I believe that the spaces that have held pain and trauma in our bodies are blueprints of places we need to go deeper and treasure chests of significance that illuminate the infinite capacities of our bodies unending love and resilience. 

Armed with the legacies of a long line of healers, witches, priestesses and fearless women who refused to shut up, I harness my tools as an herbalist, teacher, love warrior, intuitive empath, artist and liberation organizer everyday as an act of love to my community, my body, my ancestors and this Earth. I am deeply invested in co-creating communities that are invested in taking care of each other instead of taking advantage of each other. I  have studied under master herbalists in Nigeria, Jamaica, Haiti and the US including my mother and grandmother. Since 2011, I have been apprenticing with Master Herbalist Karen Rose of Sacred Vibes Healing in the Sacred Vibes Community Herbalist Apprenticeship Program.

Founding BeatBox Botanicals and Harriet’s Apothecary is a magnanimous ode of love to my community with my community. May the act of loving ourselves and our communities heal us and dismantle and compost the cruel fuckedupery that assaults the sacredness of our vessels.