BeatBox Botanicals is a local, sliding-scale, love-centered and community-inspired, plant medicine and healing practice. Rooted in the traditions of our ancestors, we use compassion, your body’s intuitive experience, and plant wisdom to handcraft medicine that restores and expands our body’s abilities to heal and to love .


We work with herbs and our bodies as tools for healing, reclaiming our individual and collective wisdom, and nurturing sustainable relationships with the Earth. We create customized medicinal herbal products based on what your body’s needs and truths are. We offer individualized and community health consultations, skillshares, workshops. We support liberation and justice movements committed to healing.


We specialize in medicine that expands the capacities of the heart and our innate abilities to Love. We believe that love is the most transformative force in the Universe and exists abundantly in all of us. Investing in our love practice allows us to live out our Divine purpose.



We are dedicated to the traditions and sustainability of plant medicine, using only organic and ethically wild-crafted plants and ingredients. We source ingredients from local urban gardens and farms first, and when that option is not available we acquire herbs from responsible and fair trade companies. Each herb medicinal is handcrafted and brewed with reverence for the plants and land they come from.  90% of our  medicine is made during the full and new moon to evoke the energy of the Moon’s wisdom and magik.


We understand that transforming our world is deeply tied to the vitality of our minds, bodies and spirits and the spaces where we conjure up our liberation and justice magic. Transformation and liberation can not be sustained if we do not individually and collectively prioritize the healing and reflective work necessary to keep us alive and thriving. We also understand that the vitality of our minds, bodies and spirits is linked to the a world transforming oppressive practices that intentionally or intentionally harm people.


We believe investing in love and our own and each other’s healing, engages us in a rich legacy of resistance and decolonization, one that has sustained our ancestors and movements and in turn will strengthen us and enrichen us for the long haul.

Our work is inspired by the manifestation of love in and around us. The wisdom of our ancestors. The miraculous nature of our unshakable bodies’ intuition. The legacy of individuals and communities who have used healing and wellness as a tool for justice and liberation. The creative genius of indigenous and people of color, and queer and trans and two-spirit folk. The brilliance of sick and differently abled  warriors. Loving-kindness meditation. Laughter. The Moon. The gifts of Nature. Intimacy with the Earth.

We look forward to lovingly and authentically  journeying with you towards healing and caring for ourselves and each other and expanding the wholeness that already resides within us.